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What are male sex toys?

What are male sex toys?

Male sex toys are specialized for male's sex and pleasure. It helps in penetration, solo sex, masturbation and all pleasurable things for a man. Over past few years male sex toy are increasingly in trend. The demand of male sex toys are increase day by day. These male toys are made by skin safe materials such as –rubber, silicone, plastic, stainless steel, metal and wood. So you can choose according to your preference. These all male sex toys are made for different purposes, like male anal sex toy are used only for anal sex and pleasure specially.

If you want to do masturbation then you have to use masturbator toys. Some of the male sex toys are small in size. These actually specialized for anal sex play for beginners. Male sex toys are specialized for spice up the things in your sex life. Some of the male sex toys are specially designed for internal use and some of these are made for external use. Sex toys are great for self-pleasure and get pleasure with your partner.

Types of male sex toys in India.

Types of male sex toys in India.

There are different types of male sex toys are available in India. So you have to choose according to the purpose and according to the pleasure. So some of the male sex toys are –


Fleshlight sex toy is very popular in India. Fleshlight is the recreation of vagina. It is basically an artificial vagina. It comes in women vagina and anus shape with a velvety soft texture. Fleshlight is a masturbator sex toys and it is only made for male masturbation. It is made with plastic and silicone.

Prostate massager

Prostate massager is specially designed for stimulates the male p-spot or prostate glands. It comes in wide range with different kind of shape, size and textures. So you can just choose it according to your stimulation and capacity. It’s made with silicone, plastic, rubber and other materials. Prostate massager is also popular in India peoples. They comes with vibration and non- vibration function too.

Sex dolls

Sex doll, it is type of sex toy, and it is come in shape and size of a women and your sexual partner. So men can easily do penetrate and masturbation with sex dolls and gets realistic feeling. A sex doll may have entire body with face, mouth and other parts with vagina and anus.

Cock ring

Cock ring is also one of the popular sex products in India. Cock ring generally wear for restricting the blood in the penis, to get an erect penis and to produce strong erection. Cock ring is made for rubber, metal, silicone, wood and steal. You have to wear in the base of penis. And you can wear it when your penis is semi erect and erect.

Penis enhancement sex toys

These kinds of sex toys are specially made for penis enhancement. Some people have faced the flaccid penis problem so you can use one of these penis enhancement and penis extenders to make your penis erect. You can use many types of penis enhancement sex toy such as- penis pumps, penis extenders etc.

Usage of male sex toys.

Usage of male sex toys.

Firstly you have to clean your male sex toy. You can clean with sex toy cleaners and warm water or any kind of antiseptic liquid. Then just shake it and remove the access water from you male sex toy. Some of the male sex toys are comes with vibrating effect and function so do not wash them, just wiped out with wet towel. The next thing is lubricate yourself and your male sex toy. If you are going to anal sex, then use anal lubricant. And it’s important for anal sex because the anal is not self-lubricated. You should use a high viscosity anal lube and start the pleasurable rides with your anal sex toy. Or you can also add some spicy thing for spice up your mood and enhance the realistic atmosphere.

You can try some different kinds of position while you penetrate with male sex toys, such as -doggy style position or if you use a sex doll for penetration then you can do with cowgirl position. And you can also play some romantic and slow music and watch some porn movies and other romantic movies it will defiantly help you in stimulation.

Penis masturbation sex toys for men.

Penis masturbation sex toys for men.

There are many types of penis masturbation sex toys for men available in the market and you can buy online sex toy according to your choice.

Rabbit Vibrators:

Rabbit vibrator are highly used female sex toy among women. It is special in structure, it has ears with main shaft. Ears part stimulate the clitoris externally when main shaft stimulate the vagina internally.


Fleshlight is one of the most popular penis masturbation sex toys. It is comes with different shape, size and textured. Fleshlight is basically recreation of women vagina and anus. It comes with a fleshlight box its look same as fleshlight.

Handheld masturbator

Handheld masturbator or massager is specially designed for massage the penis. Handheld masturbator is discovered for enhance the solo play and stimulation. It gives you ultra-realistic masturbation feeling. It comes with shape of opening mouth and vagina. Somewhere it looks like fleshlight but it different in shape.

Hands free masturbator- According to their names these masturbator are hands free. So you just have to attach it with floor or wall of your room and start masturbation.

Anal sex toys for men.

Anal sex toys for men.

There is different kind of male adult toy available market in India. And you can buy it commercially. So you can choose out from there. Such as-

Prostates toys

These toys are specially made for massage and stimulate the male g-spot. Prostate toys are made for silicone and plastic generally. It comes with different kinds of shape, texture and size. So you can easily sex with sex toy. Some of the prostate toys are comes with different kind of vibrational speed function. So you can use it and easily reach the orgasm.

Anal beads

Anal beds are consist some spheres and balls in one string. It is flexible in use, so man can easily insert in anal. It can make sexual and anal activity more pleasurable and more intense. Anal beds are made with different kinds of skin safe material like- glass, rubber, silicone, plastic and metal.

Anal vibrators

anal vibrators are perfect for those people who want thrill and extra stimulation in their sex life. It will provide vibration under your anal and give different kind of sensations.

Butt plugs

butt plugs are look like dildo but it’s small in size. Some of these are look like penis and some are look wavy. It specially made for stimulates your back door of anal. It also come with vibration and non- vibration. So you can choose it according to your pleasure.

Recommended sex toys for men in India.

Recommended sex toys for men in India.

Here I recommended some of best selling sex toys in India that you should try. Some of the sex toys are good for all beginners. Such as-

Fleshlight vagina

Fleshlight vagina is a fleshlight sex toy with vagina mouth shape. Is a great product in India and popular too. It is specialized for male masturbation. The internal sleeves of this masturbator are very soft and it’s good for sensitive skin. It will definitely give you realistic feeling.

My masturbation pet cup

My masturbation pet cup is a cylindrical masturbator. It contains lubricate with soft and silky textured. It made with sponge so it is very easy and soft in use. It is also gives you a realistic feeling and this is super flexible in use.